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Garage Door Springs

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***Sorry No Spring Sales this site is informational only Every Thing You need to know about garage doors are still here... So browse around a bit tell me what you think

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Garage Door Springs




You the customer are #1 to us.

This is why we strive to supply you with the best quality garage door springs delivered right to your front door. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order please do not hesitate to send back your parts for a refund.   

  ~Carmen Henderson

 What do we know about garage door Springs?

When you need springs and have a question about what exactly to get talk to us we have been in the door business a long time, we will assist you. If you need one of those hard to get garage door springs we will advise you. Your garage door springs are particular to the dimensions of the door so you must no how to convert the torsion spring dimensions. But not to worry, many times companies use a lower cycle spring (but more on that later). But when you get our springs they are galvanized and usually have a longer coil length. These will be a Super Long Life Springs.

What if I can't repair it with the garage door springs you give me?

With the help of our how to manuals, little mechanical ability and quality parts you should be able to repair your door with little effort. Just browse the how to section up on the left hand side of this page in it you will find links to all the common garage door parts and garage door problems. We also have tech support just in case your a little confused...

Ok, what if the garage door part does not work?

Send the part back for out 100% money back guarantee.

Here's what some of our customers are saying about us...

  I was in need of garage parts, so I called the to help me out with the right pieces that i needed for my garage door, it was really easy and fast. They also have such a great service and i got to say that the parts are very inexpensive. Even though I didn't know what the name of parts were they were really patient. They would also answered all my questions

   ~Maricarmen Flores, San Bernandino, ca

When the springs on my garage door broke the repair company wanted $450. to fix it with the help of your online torsion spring tutorial I was able to save hundreds on the repair.

  ~Mark Niglio, East Hampton, Ct, Electrician

Wow my parts arrived super quick thanks Carmen...I really appreciate you guys for being so helpful.

  ~Johnathan Cummings, Phoenix Arizona, Salesman 



3 easy ways to measure garage door springs

Spring Gauge, tape measure (garage door geek)

Tape measure only (lazy mans choice)

Our handy one of a kind spring map  ...COMING SOON!


Garage Door Torsion Spring:

garage door torsion spring


The torsion springs that we recommend for the garage door are manufactured from galvanized wire. Unlike other garage door torsion springs the galvanized variety tend to last a long, long time. As a matter of fact it is likely that the springs you will be replacing are the black oil tempered or coated variety. After an average 7 year life time these springs oxidize and break due to metal fatigue.

"Galvanized garage door torsion springs are the way to go... they are the only spring I would install ~Diego Trejo Technician"

Warning: Before purchasing and installing your springs or other garage door parts consult our how to manuals, with the proper safety practices and techniques and parts this job is a piece of cake with out them it will be a disaster...

 So with the myriad of parts out there how do I know exactly what part I need and how to order it?

 garage door repair parts

Easy... On the left hand column you will find your particular brand of motor or garage door in it you will be able to see which garage door part that you need and purchase it.


If you need further assistance with your garage doors and you live in Southern California we can help.