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DIY Garage Door Repair

Are you a do it yourself garage door repair homeowner? Are you mechanicallyDIY Garage Door Repair inclined and are not willing to give someone your hard earned money for doing something that you can very easily do? Is your garage door broken and you are ready to fix it? Well, if you are, then you will find this article helpful to avoid injuries and save big bucks!

First of all lets start asking the question “how much do I know about garage doors?” If the only thing you know about garage doors is how to open it and close it then we have a lot of work to do in order to make this do it yourself garage door repair project successful. The most logical first thing to do is start watching a lot of different garage door repair videos online. You can log on to any video site and type the type of repair you are planning to do. You should not have any problem finding a free video that will teach you how to repair the particular problem you are encountering.

After seeing the video multiple times the next thing to do is make sure you have the necessary tools to perform the job. Please do not take shortcuts!! Following all the instructions and using the proper tools are essential to do this right and avoid injuries. Pay close attention to each step. They do count, if you forget to do a step   as simple and insignificant as it seems is very important.

If the video calls for 8 turns make sure you do 8 turns. Why would something as simple as a turn matter well, if you are replacing the springs and you don’t have enough tension or if you have more then needed tension you will make your door and opener not work properly. When this happens you end up wasting your time trying to figure out what went wrong, get frustrated start messing with thigns that you did not even need to mess with and at the end you end up calling a garage door company that has to charge you more because you ended up making this more complicated than they really were.

Having the proper tools is as important as following each and every step. Don’t use a screwdriver if it ask you to use a different tool. I have heard of many cases where the person used the wrong tool and ended up in the hospital. Do not be an statistic, just follow directions religiously and avoid injuries.

Well, now that we have the research, following steps, and using proper tools nailed down don’t forget to order the right parts. Although springs look the same they are not the same. There are different sizes, if you put the wrong size you will ruin your garage door opener, don’t run the risk of ending up paying more at the end.

If you think this is too overwhelming then its probably a good idea to just skip this do it yourself garage door repair project and hand it over to a reputable garage door company. At the end you will save more money and headaches.