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Garage Door Remote Not Working

Whend our yoru garage door remote is not working there are 3 steps to rectify this..

A) First try the obvious, change the batteries you can find these batteries at a local radio shack or walmart.. THis is the primary reason why garage door remotes fail.

B) There is a good chance your garage door remote needs programming if it is not working... programming is simple.

 liftemaster remote not working  Genie Remote Not working

-If it is a liftmaster remote, press the desired button that you want to program on the remote then prest the cooresponding button on the back of the motor head... press the same remote button again and your remote should be programmed and working.
- If it is a genie remote: Press the desired button on the remote control, press the cooresponding button on the motor head, can be on back or front of the genie unit depending on the particular model that you have..

C) Another thing that can happen with remotes is when people try to program to many devices to the particular unit... Operators are able to take around 5-7 devices programmed to them, once you exceed this limit as you attempt to programm more devices with each new one another remote will stop working as the operator kicks out one of the old codes to accept the new code you just programmed to...remember up to 7 devices and you wont be stumped when your remote is not working...

D) A third option when your remote is not working is to go out to your local Lowes, Home Depot or other local home improvement store and pick up a universal remote that will work with most units like a "Clicker" brand remote these units are manufactured with most operators/motors in exsistance... You want to fallow the instructions and set the dip switches for the particular motor head that you have installed... Warning: the instructions are a little confusing so take your time and it will work

Garage Door Remote Not Working

E) Last But not least when your garage door remote not working it could be that you have a bad reciever board, though this is the least likely problem with a remote not working you can have with faulty remotes it does happen from time to time... You will notice after changing the batteries on the remote and checking the other steps that when you press the remote button the LED on your moter head DOES NOT EVEN blink..."this would indicate communication is working between the two devices" Therefore the motor head has not accepted the remotes * rolling code.


* Rolling code is a newer technology in the last ten years or so that major garage door manufacturers came out with... Manufacturures were having interference with reciever boards picking up transient communications signals from aircraft over head with the simple linear code. When they started using frequency hopping this solved garage door remote control malfunctions every where.





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